A focus on Richard Wagner

A focus on Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner is one of the most transformational composers the world has seen. He redefined the operatic expression with his concept of “Gesamtkunstwerk” where music, acting, text and the estethical role of the scenography came together as a whole and total art expression. His many operas are played every year at Wagners own Festspielhaus, Bayreuth. In this concert, our audience will a great opportunity to get to know this composer and some of his wonderful works.


Sale of beer, wine, softdrinks and snacks.For guests who would like to have a proper meal, we suggest a visit to our good friends and neighbours in the restaurant in our first floor, Gamle Raadhus Restaurant, who can serve delicious norwegian traditional food. Recommended both before and after Saturday Opera!


Margrethe Fredheim, sopran
Stina Levvel, sopran
Siv Misund, mezzosopran
Jørgen Backer, baryton
Andrea Secchi, klaver


No reservations


Nedre Slottsgate 1



We are located in Oslos first city hall in the second floor. Entry from Christiania Torv.

Gamle Raadhus restaurant is in the first floor of our building.