Lunch Concert – Young Talents

Lunch Concert – Young Talents

For the ninth year in a row, professor Barbro Marklund-Pêtersone invites us to a lunch concert where young and talented singers from The Norwegian Academy of Music will sing both arias, duets and ensembles from operas. It is always exciting to see these up-and-coming artist, as some of those who started to sing with Oslo Opera Festival later have become reknown artists. Some of them are singers such as Yngve André Skollerud Søberg, Mari Eriksmoen, Hamida Kristoffersen, Mariann Fjeld-Solberg and Hallvar Djupvik. Maybe you’ll see one or more future stars today?



To be announced
Barbro Marklund-Pêtersone



Norges musikkhøgskole

Slemdalsveien 11