Opera kort og godt – La Bohème

Opera kort og godt – La Bohème

Opera Kort & Godt is a new concept where Opera For The People present short versions of loved and famous operas, or one act operas. Few of these operas will have an endurance above 75 minutes.

Tickets can be bought at the entry 30 min. before the performance starts.

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Giulia Tamarri – Mimi, soprano
Kjetil Støa – Rodolfo, tenor
Margrethe Fredheim – Musetta, soprano
Emil Havold Næshagen – Marcello, baritone
Kira Whiting – piano

In Giacomo Puccinis opera La Bohème, with its premiere in Torino in 1896, we get a peek into the dramatic and vulnerable life of a group of artists in the Latin Quarter in Paris in the 1830’s.

It is Christmas Eve in Paris, and the poet Rodolfo is at home to finish a piece he’s writing on. It knocks on his door, and it is his neighbour, Mimì, who enters. Her candle light has been blown out in the cold and windy weather, and she needs help to relight it. They get to know eachother and share their stories. They already start to fall in love. Mimì comes with Rodolfo to join his friends at café Momus. Here they meet Marcello and Musetta, who have been a couple, and Musetta is putting on a show to attract Marcellos attention.

Marcello and Musetta has again become a couple, and Mimì seeks answers from Marcello, as Rodolfos fits of jealousy are concerning her. She asks him if its for the best that they leave eachother. During her conversation with Marcello, Rodolfo shows up, and Mimì hides to eavesdrop on their conversation. Rodolfo is concerned about Mimìs health and is afraid that her life is at stake. Mimì comes forth to say farewell, ending up in remembering all the good things, while Marcello and Musetta are quarelling. He has recently found out that Musetta is flirting recklessly with other men, and while they argue, Mimì and Rodolfo decide that they will try to stay together until spring comes.

Spring has come, and both Rodolfo and Marcello are lonely without their loved ones. Mimì has been found out in the cold, and suffers from a terrible illness. They get her inside and Mimì and Rodolfo talk about the past and the lovely time they spent together. Mimì has become weak, and after proclaiming her everlasting love for Rodolfo, she dies in his arms.


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