Oslo Operafestival – Cosi fan tutte by Mozart

Oslo Operafestival – Cosi fan tutte by Mozart

Cosi fan tutte or So do they all

Fiordiligi + Guglielmo. Dorabella + Ferrando. No one in the world is as in love as these two couples, and their love will last a lifetime. That is why it doesn’t matter at all when the boys enter into a bet with Don “The Puppet Master” Alfonso, who are pulling the strings and controlling the game, to prove that they have got the most loyal sweethearts in the world. It is easy to promise eternal love and faithfulness when you are in love and stare into your beloved’s eyes; It is another matter entirely to keep such a promise when your sweetheart is far away and new interesting love prospects are proposing their interest – especially when these new lovers are strangely familiar.

Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte is a classical comedy concerning whether the storming emotions of being in love might be more important than the subject of one’s affections. The plot also contains a more serious undertext concerning the uncertainty following a crush. Can you trust that the person you’re in love with loves you back as fiercely as you do? Or, if you have mixed emotions, do everyone else as well?

This production will feature a new translation from Italian to Norwegian. This new translation will set Mozart’s story in our time, in the same time as all the elements of a true Mozart-opera have been safeguarded.

A huge thank you to Operahøgskolen by Tore Dingstad for a nice collaboration. Adresse

Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo – Operahøgskolen
Fossveien 24


Creative team

Conductor: Gunvald Ottesen
Director: Lars Harald Maagerø
Stage manager: Lars C. Hausken
Costumes: Benedicte Olsson Lønes


Don Alfonso: Trond Gudevold, bass
Ferrando: Håkon Kornstad, tenor
Guglielmo: Dagfinn Andersen, baritone
Fiordiligi: Nora Oleanne Saarheim, soprano
Dorabella: Désirée Baraula, mezzo soprano
Despina: Kari Kleiven, soprano
Kristiania Operakor

Marin Stallemo Bakke, 1. violin
Jakob Ander, 2. violin
Heidi Johnstad Arnesen, viola
Johannes Borchgrevink, cello
Jon Åsnes, double bass
Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos, cembalo


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