Oslo Operafestival – Eugene Onegin Excerpts

Oslo Operafestival – Eugene Onegin Excerpts

Do you enjoy beautiful songs of lost love? In that case will Eugene Onegin be the opera for you. Eugen Onegin is based on the russian national poet Alexander Pushkin’s famous novel written in vers, which can be called Russia’s Peer Gynt, due to its great national and cultural importance. Tchaikovsky was greatly inspired by the main charakters in Pushkin’s poetic work – their hopes, ideals and longings. In Eugene Onegin Tchaikovsky created his most famous opera. The arias have become classics and the storyline is easy to understand. The opera will be sung in Norwegian

Gamle Raadhus Scene, Christiania torv 1
The orange house on your right, when you are facing away from the statue of the glove on Christiania torv, looking down Rådhusgaten towards the Operahouse.


Eugen Onegin: Dagfinn Andersen, baritone
Lenskij: Håkon Kornstad, tenor
Tatjana: Stina Levvel, soprano
Olga: Désirée Baraula mezzosoprano
Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos, Piano


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