Ruggero Leoncavallo: Pagliacci in Kulturkirken Jakob

Ruggero Leoncavallo: Pagliacci in Kulturkirken Jakob

Pagliacci is based on a true story from Italy from the middle of the 1800’s.
Here we meet a travelling troupe of actors, among them the jealous Canio who suspects that his wife and co-actress, Nedda, is unfaithful. She is in love with the younger Silvio, who also is part of the troupe. Tonio, another member of the troupe, is in love with Nedda, which doesn’t make the situation better for the loving couple. When she rejects Tonio and mocks his love for her, he tells the truth about her and Silvio to Canio, her husband. it all reaches a tragic climax when the group performs on the stage that same night.
In our version of the story, we introduce you to a story about trust and doubt, and what happens when self doubt meets suspiciousness and rejection.


Kulturkirken Jakob
Hausmanns gate 14



150,-/ 100,-/ Ung: 50,-


Canio: Thomas Ruud, tenor
Nedda: Stina Levvel, soprano
Tonio: Jørgen Backer, baritone
Silvio: Florin Demit, baritone
Beppe: Espen Solsbak, tenor

Oslo Operafestival Chorus
Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos, piano and musical director
Hanne Rekdal, bassoon/flute
Bjarne Magnus Jensen, violin
Vivian Sunnarvik, cello
Kristine Tjøgersen, clarinette

Einar Bjørge, direction