Lørdagsopera (Saturday afternoon opera)

Lørdagsopera (Saturday afternoon opera)

We are now entering our 13th season of Lørdagsopera (Saturday afternoon opera). Lørdagsopera has often been sold out in recent seasons and we have therefore decided to modify the concept a little. As ever, we promise high quality and a good atmosphere, beautiful arias, tragedy and drama in the best opera style but each Lørdagsopera performance will no longer have an individual title. The singers will introduce what they are about to sing and there will be well known and loved arias and duets and often also a theme running through the performance. The doors and the bar will open at 3:30 pm and the performance will begin at 4:30 pm and end at approx. 5:00 pm.


Siv Oda Hagerupsen, mezzosoprano
Magnus Dorholt Kjeldal, barytone
Bernhard Greter, piano

Gamle Raadhus Scene, Christiania torv 1. The orange house on your left, if you stand with your back to the Hansken (Glove) statue on Christiania torv and look down Rådhusgaten towards the Opera building.


How to order tickets:
Click on the green button «kjøp billett (purchase ticket)» on the left of this page. Choose the number of tickets required using the drop down box under «antall (number)» and click on «bestill varen (order tickets)». You will now come to an extremely simple registration procedure (you need only to register your own name).
Finally you will arrive at the payment page, where you need a Bank-ID e.g. a code card from your bank if you order using your PC.  However, you do not require a code card if you order using your tablet or mobile phone. If for some reason you are unable to order tickets using TicketCo, you can send an email to: info@operatilfolket.no.
(It is also possible to buy tickets at the door, always providing the performance is not sold out!)

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