Oslo Operafestival – An homage to FRIDA KAHLO Extra performance

Oslo Operafestival – An homage to FRIDA KAHLO Extra performance

«The art is to survive death» – an homage toFrida Kahlo

Welcome to a show based on the of the worlds most famous female visual artist Frida Kahlo’s gripping life story and art works at this year’s Oslo Opera festival.

We promised the audience a cabaret consert filled with the most delicious boost of colorful, darkly humoristic lyrics – where you get to experience some of Frida’s own favourite mexican songs, sung by the renowned artist Hanne Tveter. With her on stage is also her gnawing concience with her own brush, and a whole – although a somewhat unusual – band, whe

Frida Kahlo – Hanne Tveter
Fridas inner voice – Jonas Roman Cadena
Death – Antonio Torner

Accordion: Sverre Indris Joner
Guitars: Torbjørn Sandvik
Violin: Karl Espegard
Double bass: Roger Morland
Drums: Antonio Torner

The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo continues to fascinate new generations. She only got to be 47 years old, but during her relatively short career she painted amongst other things 70 unique self-portraits; Paintings that today are reckoned as some of the world’s most cherished. Her turbulent private life, the tram accident that hurt her permanently and her unafraid stylistic security has also contributed in making her a global art-, fashion-, and feminist icon, and to become a woman who knew the art of turning pain into something beautiful. When she was told she needed to amputate her leg she said: «I don’t need feet when I have wings and can fly!».

The show wil be in Norwegian and Spanish, where Frida’s own words concerning life and art are woven together into a monologue, a humoristic dialogue and a catching musical repertoire contrasting from the most tender and introverted, into an edgy crescendo accompanied by Hanne’s Mexican-Norwegian band. Parts of the repertoire and arrangements are based on Mexican classics, while others are from Tveter’s album «México En Mi» (2017) and “Cruxando Fronteraz/ To cross borders” (2011).

Hanne Tveter, from Skarnes is Norways foremost ambassador in the area concerning Latin, Spanish and Norwegian traditional music. She has over the years distinguished herself in particular with her concerts with Mexican music and has been active in Mexico in festivals, clubs and have been featured in Mexican media. Hanne has 7 year long classical vocal education from Barratt Dues musikkinstitutt and an exam in jazz singing. She studied dance and musical theatre at Bårdar Akademiet. She has done numerous roles in musicals and operettas, and has produced her own recordings and concerts. She runs a production company and record label called Musikkmakeriet, and is an active jazz singer. She collaborates and goes on tour with some of Mexico and Spain’s foremost jazz- and flamenco musicians and our most prominent Norwegian musicians in the Latin genre.

In this show she collaborates with the perormance and visual artist Jonas Roma Cadena and musician Antonio Torner from Mexico, who both have spent the last 20 years living in Norway. They are well established in Norwegian cultural life. They perform with their band led by the renowned arranger and musician Sverre Indris Joner.

Gamle Raadhus Scene, Christiania torv 1
The orange house on your right when you have your back towards the statue of HANSKEN on Christiania torv, looking down Rådhusgaten towards the Opera house.


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