Oslo Operafestival – Kulturnatt på Frysja: Gratis utekino

Oslo Operafestival – Kulturnatt på Frysja: Gratis utekino

The great event of the autumn: The outstanding operatic film Fitzcarraldo fra Amazonas will be shown by Frysja, where Akerselva has its source.

Fitzcarraldo is an irish adventurer in Peru at the beginning of the 20th century, who dreams of building an opera house in the jungle and bringing with him the opera legend Enrico Caruso to sing there. The opera house would be financed by him becoming a weathy rubber tycoon from the remaining rubber area in the deepest parts of the Amazon.

Come and join Fitzcarraldos hazardous, fantastic, magical, beautiful and dangerous steamboat journey into the wildest parts of the Amazon accompagnated by the worlds most beautiful operatic music.

This will for sure be a magical evening to remember along Oslo’s “Amazon”river; Akerselva and Frysja artist center.

The film is directed by  Werner Herzog (1982) and the main role is played by the legend Klaus Kinski. True to traditions this film will be shown outdoors with an original film projector in the 35 mm format.

Bring warm clothes, blankets and your own chair.

Hot soup will be sold.

The operasingers Gjøril Songvoll and Kristian Krokslett will start the evening wiht live opera singing!

Frysja kunstnersenter (Next to Teknisk museum)
Kjelsåsveien 145