Oslo Operafestival – Skala Operakor at Edderkoppen

Oslo Operafestival – Skala Operakor at Edderkoppen

Skala Operakor guests Oslo Operafestival  with their own production:

What a difference a day makes

Skala Operakor’s show What a difference a day makes is a complex story with text and music taken from different operas. The inspiration to the show comes from today’s uneasy global situation, marked by wars, religious differences and refugees, where the fear of an escalation leading up to a new world war is imminent.

In the performance we are situated in a dystopic world where it doesn’t take much to overturn the fragile fraternization attempt between nations. The show starts in the same way world war one started, with an assassination of a politically important person of high regard. A riot arises amongst the people and the unrest spreads from country to country. Over the course of a day, the situation escalates, war is hard to avoid and at the end the world collapses.

The different opera pieces are tied together by the plot and the works are chosen to reflect the plotline. The music is taken from operas by Verdi, Donizetti, Boito, Saint-Saëns and Giordano and are sung in the original language, while the dialogue is in Norwegian.

The show was performed at Sentralen in Oslo 11.11.2018, on the 100 year mark after world war one ended.


Skala Operakor with conductor Hedda Bakker
Hege Michalsen, copywriter
Olga Jørgensen, piano
Anders Ribu, actor
Madeleine Bernstein Harris, actor
Musicians from Opus 82, one of Norway’s leading amateur corps


Edderkoppen Scene
St. Olavs Plass 1



  • Sì celebri alfine fra canti fra I vespri siciliani | G. Verdi
  • Fuoco di gioia fra Otello | G. Verdi
  • La vergine degli angeli fra La forza del destino | G. Verdi
  • Urli, rapine fra Attila | G. Verdi
  • Chi può verderla a ciglio asciutto fra Anna Bolena | G. Donizetti
  • Choeur des Hébreux fra Samson et Dalila | C. Saint-Saëns
  • Patria oppressa fra Macbeth | G. Verdi
  • O pastorelle addio fra Andréa Chenier | U. Giordano
  • Ridda e fuga infernale fra Mefistofele | A. Boito
  • Immenso Jeohva fra Nabucco | G. Verdi
  • Libera me fra Requiem | G.Fauré
  • Ave Signor degli angeli e dei santi fra Mefistofele | A. Boito