Young Opera Talents

Young Opera Talents

Oslo Opera festival – Opera For The People, is a development arena for young opera talents. Singers such as Mari Eriksmoen, Didrik Solli-Tangen, Anne Wik Larssen, Hamida Kristoffersen and Mads Wighus have sung her through the years. This year the audience will get to hear new, young talents who’s future in opera will be exciting to follow. Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz is our eminent hoast.


Christiania Torv 1

Arrival: Underground to Stortinget station or tram no. 12 to Christiania Torv



100,-/75,-/50,- Selges via TicketCo og ved innkangen fra kl 18.00


Annika Beinnes, soprano
Marie-Elise Herredsvela, soprano
Helena Bjarkadottir, soprano
Cecilia Lund Tomter, mezzo-soprano
Aleksander Myrling, baritone
Magnus Berg, baritone
Lasse Økland, baritone


Mozart, Rossini m.fl